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In the world of data science, Python is becoming widely popular. People are using it in a variety of ways from back-end web servers to even front-end game development, along with everything in between. It has become a real general purpose language and a must-have tool for any programmer’s arsenal. However, besides Python being a multi-use tool, one of the other reasons why it has become so popular is that it is easy to learn. It reads like pseudo-code and is surprisingly agile. Now, while it isn’t the most difficult to learn, picking up any new language in code can be a daunting task, and it is essential to find the right places to learn. Take a look at some of these tips and tricks that can help you with Python.


The Modules

One of the things that most people enjoy with Python is that you can create your own functions and modules and put them all together in a separate folder. So, you can write down particular codes that you would use in common in a majority of your work and then convert them in a module and keep it to the side in that separate folder. This process allows you to save time from having to write them down again and then debugging them to check for errors. It is also important that you keep your program efficient and manageable, especially if they are larger in size. So, you will want to break them up, place them in multiple functions and definitions into a file and then you can use them by importing the data into scripts and programs.


True And False

True and False is another popular method of Python. Think about playing high-end games where you noticed that at times you might have to lower the graphics. However, it is difficult to find that option within the game causing you to find the config file in the documents folder and change it that way. For instance, you would change the Vsync = True, or False given the situation. As this relates to Python, True equals 1 and False equals 0. In simpler terms, true means you agree and false means you disagree. You can assign True and False statements using the “=” sign. You can also check the equality with the “==” sign.



Py2exe is another useful tip for Python. The reason for this is that typically, writing code in any language can be a hassle at times when you have to compile them into an executable, especially when using windows. Python makes it a lot more simple as you just have to download py2exe (an open source software available from and then convert your modules into an exe.