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Both private and public organizations are operating in the technological period where almost everything is done through advanced methods. Therefore, organizations need employees with skills and knowledge about these technologies so that they can assist in installation, troubleshooting, repair, and even daily operations. Here are some of the skills demanded from the big data scientists.


  1. Programming

This is almost a basic requirement for any data scientist who wants to work in any organization. On has to be able to come up with different information systems that can make it easier for companies to handle their daily activities. Another important role of programming is that companies are developing mobile applications for their services which can easily be accessed by individuals through their smartphones.


  1. Database Languages

Data scientists understand that their field operates using programming languages that help in performing various roles. One skill that is in-demand is that a data scientist has to be able to use several coding languages so that he or she can be able to encode and operate several databases. Most of the demanded languages include SQL and NoSQL. However, this is expected to change as other languages are expected to come into play sooner or later.


  1. Machine Learning

Similar to Artificial intelligence, machine learning is the next big change in the field of technology. Large organizations are looking for scientists with machine learning skills as they can help in performing multiple roles in the company such as financial forecasting, understanding the changing human behavior, and also analyzing large amounts of data from the market.


  1. Data Visualization

Most of the companies have large amounts of data that they are collecting on a daily basis. They are therefore looking for a data scientist who can be able to comprehend all the data collected and come up with clear information on how to make a sound decision using that data. Data analysis methods such as regression analysis are very important at this stage.


  1. Data Mining

A discussion about big data cannot pass without mentioning data mining. This is an in-demand skill that requires individual working as data scientists to be able to mine data from organization’s records and databases and use that data in making decisions. This skill is highly related to data visualization and machine learning technology.