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The world is full of data. Data that requires extraction to turn into something more useful. Many data scientists took courses in computer science which provided necessary coding and programming skills. However, there is always room to improve, and with codes changing all the time, it can get difficult to stay on top of it if you are not working to hone your craft. Here are five ways that can help you improve your coding and programming skills.


Read Books

One of the best ways to learn and improve in coding is by reading books. There are two ways to improve yourself. You improve either by learning from your own experience or someone else’s experience. Most of the authors are great programmers themselves so you will find their experiences in that book. Two great suggestions for coding books are Clean Code by Uncle Bob and Effective Java by Joshua Bloch. These books provide first-hand experiences from the authors and contain great advice for finding problems with your code.


Look For Different Ways To Do Things

This might be the hardest thing to do. Typically, when you face a problem in programming, basic instinct will tell you that there is only one particular way to solve it. However, you will find that there are multiple solutions available. Looking for other methods will be frustrating in the beginning, but it will make you more versatile in coding.


Read Code

To fully understand code, you have to be able to read it. This skill is challenging, but it will make you a much better programmer. Try reading a fellow programmer’s code, or one of your own existing proprietary code and seek to understand how they work and what it is doing. You will want to find patterns and develop navigation skills. By doing so, you will increase your code sense which alerts you when you make a mistake and spot mistakes made by others.


Practice, Practice, Practice

The only way to really improve is to practice. Practicing code will help you further develop your coding skills. You will be able to take the advice you learned from the books you’ve read and other fellow programmers and apply them to what you’re doing. Practicing will also help you build your confidence in your programming abilities. Try and pinpoint areas you are struggling in and find resources that will help you in these specific areas.


Code Review

Code Review is beneficial to both the reviewer and the author. It is another way for the reviewer to improve their code sense. It also helps the author gain advice to learn from any mistakes made. Doing code review is a great practice to develop your skills as a programmer. It is always great to get extra eyes on your code, as another programmer might catch some bugs you may have missed.