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Prem Hirubalan

Data Science

About Prem

Prem Hirubalan is an experienced entrepreneur based in New York City. While working in the financial industry, Prem learned more about data science and the practical implications it has, not just for the financial industry, but for numerous other fields as well. Prem looks forward to learning more about data science and using his knowledge to benefit the rest of his career.

One of the most exciting aspects of data science is the amount of data that is available today. One area where Prem Hirubalan believes that data science will be relevant to many different industries. Today businesses collect an extraordinary amount of information on customers. Businesses that employ data science can make better decisions and help customers. For example, retailers can use customer data to provide personalize the customer experience, improve the layout of the store, and improve aspects of the supply chain just to name a few.

Over the past couple of years, Prem Hirubalan has taught himself the programming languages Python and R, which are two of the most popular languages for data analysis. Prem found that learning the basics of any programming language isn’t difficult as long as you study and practice often. However, the deeper you get into the nuances of a language, the more difficult it becomes. Fortunately, the internet is a helpful resource for learning more and overcoming any learning hurdles.

The best aspect of learning a data analysis language is using the language to take complex ideas and transform them into insights that anyone can understand. Prem Hirubalan believes that society is increasingly moving to a point where complex ideas can be stored in simple solutions, which is why he is so excited about data science.  Although Prem first learned about data science while working in the financial industry, he is excited about applying his skills to other projects in the future.

Learning data science may seem difficult; however, Prem’s advice is to start slowly and not get discouraged. One of the most valuable lessons that Prem learned early on is: “Don’t be afraid if you run into a stumbling block.” When learning a programming language, it’s likely that you’ll encounter error messages. Prem’s advice is to keep going, try to be creative, and take a break when necessary.

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